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Translating into Basque is essential to approaching a community with its own identity, where institutions and society are enhancing the use of the Basque language. In this regard, if companies wish to bring their products and services closer to the industrial, the service and the local government sectors of the Basque Country, the use of Basque may be the key to success. Currently, one of the key pillars responsible for the economic growth of the companies in the Basque Country is internationalization, as well as attracting foreign investors to the community.

This makes it necessary to professionally translate the documents, information, and content needed to develop economic activities with the Basque Country. At the moment, there are approximately one million Basque speakers, but this number is on the rise. When you ask us for a translation into Basque, we assign you a native Basque translator with experience in your sector.

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The Basque Country is nevertheless a cultural entity which goes far beyond the French part, further south in Spain, the Basque Country on the south side is made up of 4 other provinces, which grouped together with the north side in France, forms the Basque Country whole. They are :. In the southern part of the Basque Country , Navarre, which is a large territory, enjoys several types of climate: the north and the border with France and the west are rather humid and cool , with significant rainfall and in the south from the region on the contrary, we come across an ecosystem of the desert type.

The Bardenas Reales region has cool but mild winters and very hot summers, it is dry all year round like in the Elbre Valley. You will enjoy visiting the north in summer or the first half of September and the south of Navarre in June and September, or even in October and spring depending on the year. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Various ages define the history of the Basque Country. It is believed that the Celtic people had a considerable influence on the birth of the Basque culture, perhaps part of the language and the work of the various materials used at that time. Walking through the southern part of the Basque Country, in the remote mountains of Navarre and in the southern part of Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya, we find Cromlechs , sites with alignments of menhirs and dolmens , characteristic of this influence Important and ancient Celtic on the Basque culture.

They built the Roman road between Bordeaux and Astorga. During Roman times, trade prospered, the vine was introduced and ore was extracted.

World Heritage in the Basque Country

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Lead Institution: Basque Government. Directorate for citizen services and innovation and the improvement of the administration. Bizkaia Provincial Council. General Directorate for Transparency and Good Governance. Ainhoa Franco. Technical Manager for Bilbao. Bilbao City Council. Alex Lara. Anabella Barroso. Ana Vallejo. Director of the Unit for Content and Transparency. Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council. Arantzazu Oregi.

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Introduction: The objective of this study was to analyze the survival of patients with lung cancer by TNM stage in the 4-year periods , and , treated in the Basque Health Service, and to compare this with survival in an equivalent sample of the general population. Methods: A retrospective observational design was applied to cases from the Hospital Cancer Registry of Euskadi. A cohort of 11, patients had complete data for the following variables: TNM stage, age, sex, histology, date of diagnosis, vital status and date of death.

Relative survival and Cox and parametric regression models were used to assess changes in survival. Comparing patients diagnosed from and , we found that survival improved: a the risk of death hazard ratio in was 1. Conclusions: Survival from lung cancer by stage in the Basque Country has lengthened significantly across all disease stages.

The first vestiges are traced back to , years BC and some significant cave paintings have been found dating back to before 35, years BC. They were.

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We offer all Basque translation services with the utmost professionalism. Specialized degree in translation; * A professional who is fully up-to-date; * Extensive.

Lead Institution: Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. Aitor Garmendia Attest 2. Jon Abril Elhuyar 4. Inmaculada de Miguel Ararteko 7. Kepa Korta Donostia Strategy Office 8. Judith Moreno Donostia Strategy Office 9.


Euskal Herria is the oldest documented Basque name for the area they inhabit, dating from the 16th century. The region is home to the Basque people Basque : Euskaldunak , their language Basque : Euskara , culture and traditions. The area is neither linguistically nor culturally homogeneous, and certain areas have a majority of people who do not consider themselves Basque, such as the south of Navarre. The name in Basque is Euskal Herria.

The name is difficult to accurately translate into other languages due to the wide range of meanings of the Basque word herri. It can be translated as nation; country, land; people, population and town, village, settlement.

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Despite the evident etymological connection between Vascones and the modern denomination Basque, there is no proof that the Vascones were the modern Basques’ ancestors or spoke the language that has evolved into modern Basque, although this is strongly suggested both by the historically consistent toponymy of the area and by a few personal names on tombstones dating from the Roman period.

Three different peoples inhabited the territory of the present Basque Autonomous Community: Otherwise, the area where a Basque-related language is best attested from an early period is Gascony, to the north of the present-day Basque Country, the ancient inhabitants of which, the Aquitani, may have spoken a language related to Basque. The extinct Aquitanian language should not be confused with Gascon, the Romance language that has been spoken in Aquitaine since the Middle Ages.

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The Basques Basque : Euskaldunak are an indigenous ethno-linguistic group mainly inhabiting Basque Country adjacent areas of Spain and France. Their history is therefore interconnected with Spanish and French history and also with the history of many other past and present countries, particularly in Europe and the Americas , where a large number of their descendants keep attached to their roots, clustering around Basque clubs. In the 1st century, Strabo wrote that the northern parts of what are now Navarre Nafarroa in Basque and Aragon were inhabited by the Vascones.

Despite the evident etymological connection between Vascones and the modern denomination Basque , there is no direct proof that the Vascones were the modern Basques’ ancestors or spoke the language that has evolved into modern Basque , although this is strongly suggested both by the historically consistent toponymy of the area and by a few personal names on tombstones dating from the Roman period. Three different peoples inhabited the territory of the present Basque Autonomous Community : the Varduli , Caristii and Autrigones.

Bike the Basque Country from Bilbao to Biarritz. Cycling Basque Country and explore the best of the French Pyrenees & Spain’s Rioja Region.

Contact Us. Lake Tahoe, like the rest of the American West had been the territory of native people, “Indians”, as Columbus named them. Then discoveries of gold, silver and other abundant resources attracted immigrants from around the world. At Lake Tahoe, the Comstock Silver Strike in nearby Virginia City transformed the landscape from Washoe Indian country into a frontier for extracting resources by people from around the world.

The Basque people from Spain and France were among these new arrivals, contributing their language, culture and expertise to the patchwork culture and society that would become “America”. The Basques are known as Europe’s “Indians” or Europe’s “First Family”, since their language and culture is more ancient than any other in Europe. It is likely that the Basque are descendants of the artists who created the astonishing Stone Age paintings of the Pyrenees Mountains 30, years ago.

Basques were Europe’s first whalers and accomplished sailors and navigators. The Basque were the first to sail around the world and Basque sailors accompanied Columbus to the New World, where they had pivotal roles in the Spanish colonial government and the expansion of the church for the next years. In Basques joined throngs of other young men from around the world seeking their fortune in the American West.

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